Freshman Engineering Projects

The purpose of this course is to get you excited about engineering!  We will provide you an introduction to engineering through a series of projects done in interdisciplinary teams. You will learn in a hands-on way valuable engineering skills including creative thinking, communication skills, how to function in teams, machine shop skills, and a variety of computer tools as appropriate to your projects, such as spreadsheets, or computer-aided design (CAD).  Much of your time will be spent designing, creating, building, and tweaking your projects.

Foam Core Amusement Park Rides for Ping Pong Balls

This project is introductory and is designed to get the teams working together to build an amusement park ride for a golf ball, meeting constraints such as time to complete the ride and no falls.  The students learn how important is time management, planning ahead, prototyping, practicing, and that small difficulties in the end will need to be overcome.  Below are some pictures and videos of the completed projects.

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