I teach required and elective courses on air quality both at the graduate and undergraduate level for Mechanical Engineering and the Environmental Engineering Program. My teaching is in the general area of fluids and thermal sciences, with an emphasis in air quality.

  • Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering– Sophomore and Junior required course covering air and water resources, pollution control and prevention, solid and hazardous waste; taught to 70 undergraduate students
  • Toxic Chemicals & Environment– First-year seminar course taught to 20 first-year students, focusing on learning about the environmental and health effects of toxic chemicals and what we can do every day to limit exposure; service- learning component included in class
  • Indoor Air Pollution– elective course; every two years to around 20 students, of which 60% are graduate; all graduate students do a research project and presentation, which results in a short publication to be submitted to an Indoor Air or Healthy Buildings conferences
  • Air Pollution Control Engineering– required EVEN course covering particulate and gas phase control technology; multiweek design project included; taught every year to around 70 students, of which 15% are graduate; all graduate students give a lecture and write a research paper
  • Air Quality Measurements– elective graduate course; every two years to around 10 graduate students; the students complete a research project and presentation
  • Thermodynamics 1 and 2– required ME course to 75-100 undergraduate students
  • Measurements Laboratory– required ME course to 30-60 undergraduate students
  • First-Year Design Projects– required ME and EVEN course to 30 undergraduate students

I mentor graduate and undergraduate students in air quality research.  Many of my research projects were led by M.S. thesis students, which is somewhat unique to my research group, as well as Ph.D. students.

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