Toxic Chemicals in your Environment

Toxic chemicals are in everything we eat, the air we breathe, and even the water we drink.  These chemicals cause disease in our bodies and even death.  Some of these compounds are naturally occurring and humans produce some.  In this class we will learn about toxicology, exposure science and health effects of the toxic chemicals in our environment. We will learn about how these chemicals cause disease, how this was discovered and what was subsequently done to reduce exposure through reading, discussion, lecture, field trips, and media.  We will study some of the best-known toxic substances like lead and some of the most recent like Bisphenol A.  we apply the class approach to learn about the chemicals and their impact, and see  Each student will also do a project on an environmental toxic chemical of their choosing.

Reading List:

Storify summary of some of what we learned in class:

Environmental Disaster Student Presentations:

Emerging Environmental Toxins Student Presentations:

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