Musings from the Sloan Foundation Conference May 30-31, 2012

  • Buildings are more than a sampling site.  Microbiology is more than plate counts.  (Rich Corsi)
  • Buildings are as complex as the human anatomy and have very similar functionality. (Rich Corsi)
  • Aspergillus allergenicity is a function of temperature (Jordan Peccia)
  • Important to measure indoors the surface temperature and RH. (Rich Corsi)
  • Bacteria and fungi in air different for fan coil units compared to conventional air-handling units.
  • naturally ventilated spaces have microbiology communities similar to outdoors.  HVAC spaces have more human type communities so more indoor air/occupant driven. (Jessica Green)
  • Which is “healthier”? more human-like communities or more soil/eco-like micro-communities?
  • what is the connection between building ecology and human health?
  • read “The Secret House.”
  • Biogeography: why organisms like where the do.  (Noah Fierer)