Yes I recommend wearing masks. Here is a nice Medium article explaining why…it was sent to me by an infectious disease/engineer colleague and it is well written, accurate. A key reason that you want to wear a mask is to protect others from the possibility that you may be infectious, in the pre-symptom stage or asymptomatic.

I think the mask that works best is one that is the most close fitting to the face, around the nose, cheeks, neck, and has quite a few layers, but not too many that it is difficult to breath.  Also it is important to not touch them after use and to wash them immediately.  Another alternative is to have ~five masks that you rotate through every day, and let the one that you just used sit at room temperature to allow the virus to decay (put it in a paper bag).  I am using a homemade multi-layer cloth mask a friend made me, with a piper cleaner inserted into a small slot at the top of the mask to help with the fit.  I also like this tee shirt design and will make some of these too.

And an NYT article on how to make a face mask ICYMI.