Donna August

Donna Auguste worked in software and consumer electronics industries for over 20 years, volunteered for international mission work for 10 years, and recently developed sensor power solutions for the Internet of Things. Through her current research, DataTip-Asthma, Donna seeks to broaden participation in the pathways to STEM.  For African American families whose children have asthma, the intergenerational DataTip-Asthma experience engages them with data science and STEM, as they learn to use residential indoor air quality sensors to detect potential asthma triggers during daily life at home.
Donna received her BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and her MS in Information Systems Management from Regis University.  Donna enjoys spending time with her family and church community.  She plays bass guitar for her church choir and has been a Girl Scout troop leader for many years.