Research Group

I have a great group of researchers and students working in my research group on innovative and important research questions in urban air quality and public health.  These individuals are listed below, some with a short bio!

  • Donna Auguste, PhD student, Atlas
  • Mohamed Eltarkewe, PhD student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Prateek Shrestha, PhD student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ryan Militello-Hourigan, MS student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tess Bloom, MS student, Environmental Engineering
  • Junfeng Yao, MS student, Building Systems Program
  • Eduardo Soderberg, BS student, Architectural Engineering

Past students who recently worked in my research group:

  • Jamie Humphrey, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, currently at Drexel
  • Josue Hernandez Pedroza, MS, Fulbright Scholar, back in Panama
  • Julia Luongo, PhD Mechanical Engineering, Now Senior Associate at Ramboll Environ
  • Nick Clements, PhD Mechanical Engineering, Now lab director at Delos Labs
  • Pat Keady, Founder Aerosol Devices
  • Megan Bangert, BS Environmental Engineering, graduating spring 2014
  • Allie James, BS Environmental Sciences
  • Adam Sokol, BS Mechanical Engineering, graduated Spring 2014
  • Jason Brownstein, MS/BS Mechanical Engineering, graduating Spring 2014
  • Marie Bernardo, BS Environmental Engineering, graduated Spring 2013
  • Bounkheana Chhun, BS Environmental Engineering, graduated Spring 2013
  • Michelle Ly, REU student, graduated Spring 2013 with BS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Blayne Morgan, MS Engineering for Developing Communities, graduated Spring 2013
  • Oluwaseun Oyatogun, MS/BS Mechanical Engineering, graduated Spring 2013

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