Stefano Brunelli

Stefano is a visiting scholar from the University of Trento, in northern Italy. He is working with the research group of Professor Miller to develop his master’s thesis on the design of a passive haus integrating systems to control indoor air quality.

Stefano was born in Verona, where he graduated from high school Scipione Maffei in classical studies. After graduation he moved to Trento to attend the course of Building Engineering in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering. At the University of Trento has worked as a collaborator in the analysis and collection of material on Trento’s historic buildings. In the last year his research was focused on the design of passive houses, trying to integrate wooden structures with HVAC systems and renewable energy sources.

In free time he enjoys being outdoors, reading and traveling. He has a passion for cinema, cooking and sports, particularly rugby who has practiced for seven years.stefano.jpg